The survival of teeth is closely correlated to healing following a severe tooth trauma.
It is therefore of utmost importance to
enhance functional healing and to
prevent infection and infection related complications.

On this site we present proposals for a modern treatment in the case of a severe dental trauma which meets the above mentioned demands.
The treatment methods are based on thourough scientific work and long-term clinical studies.

The concept comprises

the physiologic rescue of avulsed teeth


A tooth rescue box was developed which contains a special cell culture medium. This enables the storage of avulsed teeth for at least 2 days. The box can be stored at room temperature (below 37°C) for 3 years and should be distributed at places with a high risk of dental trauma and in families with children.

the promotion of periodontal healing


Some medicaments are used that depress root resorption and support periodontal healing.

the prevention of endodontic infections


Infection related complications (infection related resorption, apical periodontitis) are of endodontic origin and closely related to early tooth loss. We therefore suggest to prevent endodontic infections by an immediate extraoral endodontic treatment. This comprises the preparation of the root canal from a retrograde direction and the insertion of titanium posts into the root canal. There are several other advantages with this method.



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The scientific basis and the practical experiences are given in a book recently published (in German).
In english language several papers were published in international journals.